Build Your Global Team With Confidence

Streamline your global employment processes with one all-inclusive solution. Local employment, payroll, contracts and HR compliance, simplified invoicing – all under one trustworthy global supplier.

Expanding your business into a new market opens it up to a world of new opportunities. With the right staff on the ground, you can build a local presence quickly and drive your chances of success.

No longer do you need to navigate local red tape and set up a costly subsidiary to hire and manage workers. With Employer of Record, global employment is consolidated into one simple solution – saving you time, money and risk.

Employer of Record gives you the means to make your global vision a reality – without the need for your own local entity.

EoR Venn Diagram
The Employer of Record mechanism employs workers on behalf of organisations in countries where their own local entity is lacking. Mauve Group takes care of local employment and HR tasks, leaving you to focus on the day-to-day management of your worker.  

The Benefits

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Why Use Mauve?

“Mauve Group have been the best EoR partner ever, always very flexible and fast to find us a solution to hire our talents internationally. Their support was vital to our business operations this year, especially in the current pandemic scenario.” 

Marina Wunsch – Global Mobility Specialist

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