Our origins are rooted in telecommunications project management; today we can offer our expertise to an expansive range of industries as a result of our long experience in the global business marketplace and far-reaching network. If your organisation is embarking on a project of any description, whether in its home-country or in a new overseas location, Mauve can assist small businesses and multi-nationals alike to realise their business visions and ensure they are taking the most cost-effective route to profit.

Mauve’s expert team will initially work to assess the scope and scale of the project, liaising with your employees and departments to assess current capabilities and any historical information of importance. An initial report based on this analysis will be provided detailing key issues such as timescale- mapping, planning considerations such as manpower, budget, and risk assessment and mitigation, and a step-by-step delivery process.

Mauve will then employ its uniquely-learned expertise to manage the various stages of the process from strategy, implementation, right through to handover and beyond; our experienced departments will handle your requirement with creativity, broad-thinking, absolute compliance and expert knowledge to ensure maximum profitability. Our team will safeguard timely, cost-effective delivery of the project that responds relevantly to your brief. Mauve can also offer consultancy beyond the handover on an ad-hoc basis as and when required by your organisation.

Contact the Mauve Group today to find out how our project managers can help your organisation move beyond its current operations to a new field of opportunities.

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